RapidWeaver 6 eBook & Price Changes

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for a book on RapidWeaver 6 and plan to start working on it shortly. I am also currently involved in the testing for the new RapidWeaver 6.3 update, which continues to add to the speed of the software and weed out some of the minor bugs that are left. For more news on this stay tuned, though I’ll likely cover the 6.3 update in my main RapidWeaver Blog.

I’ve reduced the prices of my RapidWeaver 5 eBook since 6 is now the the latest version. There is still a lot of cross-over between 5 and 6 so most of the topics are still very relevant and easy-to-compare, but many buttons are moved and have new terminology added to them… there’s a lot of cool new stuff too, so a new book is definitely going to be coming soon.

Now for your help

One thing I’d really value from you, my customers, is to know what medium’s you value you most for the book. For my previous book I created things in PDF, Kindle & iBooks. PDF was the easiest for obvious reasons, though Kindle was pretty easy too… iBooks on the other hand was a bit more of a hassle. Not only thing, but the PDF and Kindle appear to be preferred much more than the iBooks version.

I still wanted to ask and hear some input from you. What do you prefer? PDF, Kindle, iBooks, all of them, a couple of them, etc. (please comment below or use the support email on my main RapidWeaver Themes & Stacks site).

Also, are there any topics you wished 5 covered that you want to see in this one?

Thanks in advance and I hope to make this next book the best to date :)