On the left hand side of RapidWeaver where all your created pages are displayed, right clicking page icons will allow you some quick options for pages.

Right Click Options for Editing Pages

“Duplicate” reproduces a copy of the page’s style and content, which is a handy feature when making a bunch of pages that are very similar.

“Mark as Unchanged” will place a blue dot to the right of the page forcing it upload again when the site is next published and can also be used as a visual reminder.

“Setting as home page” will replace the page icon with the home icon and that page will be the page people arrive at when visiting your site.

“Show Inspector” will open the page inspector options, which is covered in the Using the Page Inspector section.

“Preview” allows you to preview the site in a web browser, which is a handy feature when testing cross-browser compatibility of your site’s look and display.