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“This book is great for beginners like me. It really helped me start using Rapidweaver without all the guess work.”

“I found this to be a very well thought out, simply instructed guide to using RapidWeaver. I liked that the author didn’t get too deep into more advanced features of RapidWeaver and stuck to the basics and keeping it on target with being a beginners guide. The illustrations and screenshots provided excellent visual reference to the windows one encounters in RapidWeaver, with simple explanations for the filling in the respective fields. A well thought out book and a great choice for anyone wanting a simple beginners guide to getting started with RapidWeaver.” – Bushman (5 Stars on Amazon).

“All of the previous versions of this manual have proved indispensable for me and having version 5 of RapidWeaver without this manual was dreadful, as RapidWeaver’s own documentation is somewhat lacking. Having finally gotten this manual, all the ins and outs of the new version are opened up and I can finally adapt my workflow to the new version. Thanks a ton for another great publication.” – Clay (5 Stars on Amazon).

“I have been using Rapidweaver for about 8 months now and I am always using the individual components instructions. I LOVE that this book makes it beyond easy to understand things I have been overlooking all along. From simple publishing details to design help. I have went back and corrected many of my mistakes already and made my sites much better. Thank you guys!!!” – Daymaker (5 Stars on Amazon).

“If you use (or plan to use) RapidWeaver 5 - this book is a must have. Great reference and learning tool!” – Norman (5 Stars on Amazon).

“A clear step by step introduction to RapidWeaver 5, plus a number of hints that also advance the knowledge of people already familiar with RapidWeaver. Easy to apply through the many visuals, easy to read as the information is concise and practical. Thank you!” – Werner (5 Stars on Amazon).

“Being quite new to RapidWeaver, this tutorial is a great reference guide that I can refer too for a quick reference. The images are clear and concise and easy to follow. I recommend this tutorial to anyone that is new to RapidWeaver.” – Dan (5 Stars on Amazon)

“What a great tool. Very colorfully illustrated PDF Manual. Ninety-two pages all in all. While Rapidweaver is a user friendly program, it does have a learning curve to it. This PDF manual will greatly assist you to fully use all the features of this great program. A must have book. Thanks team, for putting this together.” – Randy (5 Stars on Amazon)

This guide does exactly what it claims. Using clear visuals and straight forward step by step instructions, it provides you with the basics. For most of my web design questions, this guide has the answers, and is my new go to when I’m trying to remember how to do something I haven’t tried before, or if I need a reminder for something I’ve forgotten.” – Eyedle (5 Stars on Amazon)

“This is a great little book, anyone with an interest in learning RapidWeaver needs to get this book. It will make your life a lot easier when it comes to navigating the software. The book covers every topic you will need to get your site up and going including SEO. It’s well worth the investment. I wish I had this book when I first began working with RapidWeaver, even with that being said, I am still learning things from the book even though I have been working with RapidWeaver for a while. Just get it!!!” – A Jenks (5 Stars on Amazon)

“RapidWeaver is for those of us that always wanted to build a web site and this is the book that has all the answers for building a slick site. It is a book, no it is the book that will teach you the basics and then some. Definitely a five star book. Highly recommended.” – Art (5 Stars on Amazon)

“Finally I can learn how to properly use this awesome program without guessing and constantly searching the net for me basic answers. Great book for beginners.” – Ali (5 Stars on Amazon)

Perfect Book! This book is an excellent compendium of RapidWeaver. The simple way to show the next issues and methods used in the program. I would recommend anyone who uses RapidWeaver.” – Lukasz (5 Stars on Amazon)

“As promised this visual guide brought me into every function the program has and that i was not able to use properly. With a small effort you reach the greatest goal! The professional look and the intriguing effect are at the reader’s reach in particular for those just like me that are not able to write either a single code line!” – Marco (5 Stars on Amazon)

“You guys rock. Seriously. That email made me smile today! I have actually been wanting to learn RapidWeaver for more than a year, have bought licenses and plugins, but nothing really pushed me over the edge. I guess I needed that tipping point to really sit down and learn it.” - Matt V.

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