I Downloaded A ‘Stack’ And It Appears As A Folder

Show in finderManually installing the stack is the quickest way I know to resolve this issue and it’s very simple to do. Inside of any Stacks page select a 3rd party stack and click the gear icon below. Then select “Show in Finder” which will open a new window and contain all your 3rd party stacks.

Drag the folder into that folder and restart RapidWeaver.

Installed Addon Still Displays As Older Version

First things first – did you exit RapidWeaver? Click the red circle in the top left won’t exit you completely out of RapidWeaver. You have to right click the RapidWeaver icon (probably in your dock) and select “Quit” – then you can select the RapidWeaver icon again to restart.

If that did not work then check the folder containing 3rd party stacks. Inside of any Stacks page select a 3rd party stack and click the gear icon below (screenshot above). Then select “Show in Finder” and see if there is a duplicate installation (if so delete the old version).

If that did not work then the file has not been updated by the developer. If the version number is old, though the new features appear, then it is likely just the version number that was not changed. Either way, contacting the developer is a good idea.

HTML On Styled Text Or HTML Code Page Is Not Working

RapidWeaver has a built-in auto-formatting feature. The feature if very handy to have, though conflicts with HTML code occasionally and in a way that is a little tricky to spot for new users.

Straight QuotationsWhat will occur is the quotation marks will format and style themselves to look nice for text. They will appear curly on closer inspection instead of straight up and down. This will cause a conflict and the HTML tag will break. The example quotation mark in the corner is the example that you want – straight not curly.

Unfortunately to identify this you’ll either have to have great eyesight, get very close to the screen, or use CMD + + to enlarge the text after you’ve first highlighted it. Remember how many times you have clicked the CMD + + command because you’ll then have to CMD + – that many times to return it to size if you want your Edit Mode layout to look pretty.

To protect this from occurring highlight all HTML and use the built-in Ignore Formatting command CMD + . That will not always protect, but has helped me in many occasions and is a best practice I always recommend.

If that does not fix the issue then it’s most likely your HTML code is being typed incorrectly or there is a conflicting code that is interfering (such as CSS, JavaScript or jQuery).

I Can’t Find My Project File (Sandwich File)

I’ve accidentally saved my project files in the wrong spot a few times… one time in my trashcan. RapidWeaver does not forever remember the folder where you’re saving all your files, so often if you work in another folder and then start a new project RapidWeaver will go there when you first save and if you type and click buttons faster than your mind sometimes you’ll accidentally save your file in the wrong spot.

Magnifying GlassApple’s Finder has a built in search section, though it is not the friendliest and typically limited by the folder or sections you are already in. Instead use Apple’s spotlight search and you’ll easily locate your files.

If you cannot remember what you named your file or want to locate all your RapidWeaver project files then type in “sandwich” and they will all appear.

Changed Published Directory Keeps Being Reset (won’t Publish In New Directory)

This is a very annoying problem that has happened to me and everyone on my team. I publish a website and then realize I chose the wrong directory, so I go back in and change it and hit publish. Then I go check the page and its not in the new directory… it uploaded to the old directory. Then I go to change the directory again and sure enough the old directory is still there… my change was not saved.

The only solution that I’ve found that always works for me is to change the directory and then save it as a bookmark. After you save it as a bookmark that should fix the problem and you can upload to the new directory.

The whole website may not publish, so you may want to navigate to File > Re-Publish All Files. This will republish your entire website instead of just the files you edited.

Made A Change, But Can’t Select ‘Publish’

Fortunately for you, this one is super easy. Select the page you made a change on and right click. Right click and select ‘Mark as Unchanged’ and then the Publish button will return colored and available.