For those who own the previous book you’ll already recognize the obvious layout change, which I found much better for organization and friendly for the tons of screenshots I throw on the pages. You’ll find the rest of the book to take full advantage of the new layout.

Originally this guide was meant strictly for beginners and the front page description was pretty clear, though I still had many users wishing I touched on some more intermediate or even advanced topics. Though I am not turning this book into a more sophisticated book by any means, I have introduced some small additional sections in strategically placed areas to give some more advanced information without intimidating beginners.

Many users wish I went more in depth into the Search Engine Optimization topic and certainly the topic is more than popular these days – I would say it’s one of the biggest buzz words in web design and online marketing currently. I have greatly enlarged this chapter and gone much more in depth
and with far more clarity.

I have renamed many of the chapters largely for organizational reasons, though previous owners will find the semantics easily relatable.

By Chapter New Sections: New Content

Chapter 1 – Creating a Website

  • Projects Menu
  • Setup: Customizing the Top Toolbar
  • Page Editing Tools: Special Character, Developer Tools (Advanced), Source Code (Advanced)
  • Installing & Using Addons: Updating Addons, Websites Worth Checking Out

Chapter 2 – Publishing a Website

  • Publishing Fundamentals: Publishing Preferences, MobileMe (No Longer Supported)
  • Hosting: What to look for in a host, 3 types of hosting plans, Recommended hosts
  • Domain Name: Registrar, Nameservers, MX Records

Chapter 3 – Search Engine Optimization

  • SEO Rules: How to find the best keywords, Keyword Density, DO NOT…
  • HTML & Keyword Placement: Search Engine Results Page (SERP), Things That Don’t Work
  • Backlinks: Where to Get Them, How to Value Them, Social Media Marketing
  • Measuring Success: Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Majestic SEO, Search

Chapter 4 – Tips & Tricks

  • Troubleshooting
  • Free Stuff for Starters
  • What to Look For When Shopping

Closing – You’re a Pro Now… Right?

I tried to protect the first version of this book from promoting any developers or self-promoting my own work. However, I found that some users would like some input in this area. For this reason I’ve added a few plugins and stacks to serve as examples, though the very few are listed and in no order based on how much I recommend them above other plugins and stacks. In addition, I’ve listed some websites that can serve as great tools when looking for new themes, plugins and stacks.

LOTS of new Glossary terms too!